Since 2017, Dr Maria Ruiz-Castell’s is the project leader of the European Health Interview Survey in Luxembourg (EHIS-LUX), a cross-sectional population-based survey on the health of the resident population in Luxembourg. EHIS-LUX is carried out by the LIH in close collaboration with the Directorate of Health. 

EHIS is a health survey conducted every five years to collect and compare health data between European countries. EHIS is a mandatory survey for EU countries conducted by Eurostat. It follows a standardised methodology and EU countries must provide EHIS data to Eurostat.

A first wave of data collection was conducted between 2006 and 2009 in 17 voluntary EU Member States and served as a pilot phase. The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg participated in the second wave of data collection in 2014. A new wave started in January 2019.

Main objectives

EHIS is used as a data source for health and social policy indicators such as the European Core Health Indicators (ECHI) or indicators of the health and long-term care strand developed under the Open Method of Coordination on social protection and social inclusion (EU social indicators).

The overall goal of EHIS-LUX is to collect systematic epidemiological data to develop consistent public health strategies. By following a standardized methodology, the data can be compared between all participating countries and allow national and international authorities to draw up health policies and programmes to aim at:

•    improving the overall health status of the population,
•    improving the quality care and access to health services,
•    promoting healthy lifestyles.

2014: First wave of data collection

In 2014, EHIS-LUX was carried-out among 4,004 women and men aged over 15 years old and residing in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Those individuals who accepted to participate signed an informed consent and filled self-administered questionnaires, on paper or electronically. The questionnaires were available in English, German, French and Portuguese, as the Grand duchy of Luxembourg is a multilingual country.

2019: Second wave of data collection

In 2019, EHIS-LUX was launched again to analyse at national level the trends in results over time and to compare the results with those of the other European countries which organise the same survey defined by Eurostat.
The invitation and recruitment of participants began in January 2019 and it is expected that 18,000 invitations will be sent throughout the year 2019 to women and men aged over 15 years old and residing in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

EHIS is a multi-year project, comprised of 3 phases:

•    data collection preparation,
•    data collection,
•    data cleaning, analysis and reporting.


Project funded by:

• the Ministry of Health.